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Things to Consider Before Buying an Animal for Sacrifice

Sacrificing an animal on Eid ul Azha isn’t an option, but an obligation for those who can afford it. However, buying a sound animal is an art and not everyone has mastered it. Moreover, the corona pandemic is going to make this task even more difficult this year as there may not be any physical mandi. Even if the owners are allowed to stall one, there will be a lot of restrictions and SOP follow-up. As a result, the charm of buying an animal will be curbed and this job will be even more difficult. However, the guide below will help you with this task and let you know tips and tricks to buy a sacrificial animal.

Know the Type of Animal You Want to Buy

Before visiting mandi or any online platform, you should know which type of animal you are interested to buy. Since there are different options including goat, cow/ox, camel, or sheep, you should always select which is it you want. If you start shopping without deciding it, chances are you will end up buying nothing or a wrong animal.

Keep Your Budget Clear

Fix your budget before starting your buying process and avoid crossing the selected limit. It’s okay to buy an animal at a lesser price, but crossing the limit isn’t a good way of buying. However, the up and down of a few thousand is fine as being rigid about it may result in losing a good animal.

Buy an Animal According to Your Pocket

As mentioned above, sacrificing an animal on Eid isn’t an option, but you are obliged to do so if you are capable enough. Therefore, the animal you buy should be according to your pocket and not as per your family members or any other factor. You may buy a big animal if you can afford it because most of its meat is going to be donated. The purpose of it is to distribute among needy people and not eating all alone.

Where to Find the Right Animal?

As I said, the corona pandemic will change the way we used to buy an animal. Therefore, give a visit and find a solution to your problem. Here, you can buy animals online for Eid-ul-Azha 2020 at reasonable prices. Other than the categorical division of animals, you can also buy animals for sale here. Therefore, it’s your go-to place to buy an animal.

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  1. Really useful info shared here. team doing great efforts that will definitely help those people of Pakistan community who have animals like goat, cow, sheep etc. Keep it up 👍

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