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People in Pakistan need to buy an animal now and then. Once a year, it’s mandatory for them to sacrifice a cow, goat, buffalo, camels, or sheep on Eid-ul-Azha. Other than that, they sometimes need one for donation purposes, and some run their catering business so they need a constant meat supply. Moreover, keeping pets is yet another reason why people buy animals. For whatever purpose you are buying one, you can find all of these animals at

What is is an online animal Mandi where you can buy animals for sacrifice on Eid 2020. Due to the corona pandemic, there may not be any bakra mandi 2020 this time; therefore, online options are being provided to you so that you won’t miss an obligation. Buy goats online at that is a replacement for physical bakra mandi. You can also buy cows or sheep or any other animal applicable for sacrifice.

Other than buying animals for sacrifice on Eid 2020, you can also buy birds here. It’s an amazing place for pet lovers where they can find a variety of birds and animals. In short, is a replacement for physical animal Mandi where you can buy both sacrificial and pet animals.

How Do We Work?

It’s not just a place to buy animals; it’s a buy-and-sell platform where you can also sell your animals. Since it’s an online replacement of the physical mandi, it allows vendors to post their offers here. They do it on their own terms and conditions and the store isn’t involved in their terms for selling. It just provides them with a platform where they can make deals with their buyers.

On the other hand, you can buy animals in two ways:  search directly what you are looking for on the main page or select one from the categories given below. Both options will take you directly to your desired animals and you will find dozens of options to buy from. If you have a limited budget, then you can also find some sacrificial animal for sale. The livestock for sale is available on the main page so you don’t have to search for it in the categories.

How to Buy and Sell Animals?

If you want to sell your animal, then you have to go to the “post an ad” option at the top-left corner. You will post your deal there and mention the details, terms and conditions, and your contact number. However, you have the searching option at the center that can be seen at first glance. You will search for the animal you want to buy and then mention the category and your location. It will filter out the rest of the animal and will show you only of your interest. What is more, MandiCorner is also offering online Qurbani this year. It is because of the corona pandemic as people are scared of going out and dealing with animals.